Our Story - MA-ZI

Our Story

Our Passion

We’re young, fun and crazy! We are a global brand that does Not sleep! We are passionate and adore what we do. We do not see it as work. We create We do not work. We shine through our clothes. We shine through you when you wear our clothes. We adore to create beautiful clothes that are attractive to buy and to be worn by you and your friends. Creation is a way of life for us and we breathe through what we do like a painter, an artist.


Our Philosophy

We believe that YOU are our Treasure! We are interested in our reputation, and we believe that with our sincerity we will gain your trust and respect. We are personally interested in YOU and your absolute satisfaction. So far we have shown that we are not interested in the cost needed to achieve this. It is a bet with ourselves, which we work hard to win. Our motivation is our values to meet yours. Without this meeting point between us we can achieve nothing.


The History behind the Name "MAZI"

Ι really respect that you are here, to learn about my friends’ and mine story who all together (MAZI) create this Brand. We are real persons like you and Not another anonymous faceless store. In following, i will try to tell the real story of our brand, our founders team personal stories, values and targets. With our very hard work to supply real quality services , your support, and mutual understanding and respect between us, we will try All together – WE and YOU (TOGETHER) to make reality our values, through this brand webstore meet point.


The Name of the Brand “MAZI”

The brand name "MAZI" comes from the oldest language in the world, Greek, and means “TOGETHER”. The basic idea of creating this Brand was, WE and YOU (MAZI that means TOGETHER), to become ONE.We, to offer and you, to enjoy. We are interested in our reputation, and we believe that with our sincerity we will gain your trust and respect.


The Team - Me and my Friends

"ΜΑZI" was created when four(4) young and completely different people with the same values and goals united their absolute diversity and their unique experiences in ONE! They became ΜΑΖI ! All TOGETHER for one and one for ALL. ΜΑΖI !


KOSTAS studied Fashion Business, Fashion Development and New Media Communication at Central Saint Martins and the Instituto Marangoni. He has worked for the Diesel S.p.A. in Italy (1997-1999) as clothing production coordinator and in America (1999-2000) as clothing distributor. During the last 20 years (2000-2020) he has been managing the clothing production organization and quality control for the Smart Group group which through its factories and its partners produces quality clothes for the largest and most branded clothing brands in the world. His hobbies are writting lyrics and exercising. He relaxes when he is clubbing with good friends or when he is drinking a four or six shot espresso while chatting with friends.

ANGELINA has studied psychology at the Bath Spa University in the United Kingdom, specializing in Neuropsychology and Addiction. She is a consultant in addiction groups and offers her services and helps in various voluntary programs that support those in need, with a greater passion for helping young people. Most of the time non-profit because she believes in volunteering and humanity. In recent years he has specialized in the psychology of clothing and how clothes reveal our personality. Her hobbies are Fashion Styling and Dancing. She relaxes with friends or alone at a movie theater or with simple walks overlooking the sea.

NASIA has studied information science (organization and management of archives and information) at Ionian University, specializing in copyright law and communications networks. During the last ten years she has been writting for some of the biggest fashion magazines and websites. She tries hard to make her writting 100% objective and to achieve this, she spends most of the day in the magical world of fashion. From the designs creation and selection of the final designs to the photography of the models.Her hobbies are tennis and writting love stories and novels. Relaxes when clubbing with good friends.

JOHNNY studied Music Technology at the University of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom. He has an innate talent in music since he was a child and he knows long time before they became the "must" of the new music fashion and the new trends for the music industry. He has a passion for electronic music and writes lyrics and music for himself and other creators / singers of this kind. He knows well how to combine music and clothing as each type of music hides its own lifestyle. His hobbies are writting lyrics, music and gum kickboxing and he enjoys drinking freddo espresso while chatting with friends.


The four of us ΜΑΖΙ met, united our values, our madness and our passion to highlight the absolute femininity of the woman and the masculinity of the absolute man. A thrilling journey,! From decisions about the fabrics and colors selection, the new ideas creation and designs, the clothing production, clothing quality control until the loading and the final receipt of the clothes by the customer in the chains of their stores! Endless hours of creation!
Now we are realizing our new dream that will bring us closer to the ordinary customer and not the wholesaler as before.


Our Passions and Our Mistakes

In "ΜΑΖΙ " we have a uniquely inexhaustible passion to create fashion. We work and we will continue to work very hard and endless hours, so that no mistakes are made. All of our clothes are checked from strict quality control. But we can not say lies. Only a few people are aware of the creation of modern clothing, as well as, the difficulty to create a good quality product which is also economical for the customer. We believe that sometimes we will make mistakes, but NOT with intention.


This means that if a mistake is made and the mistake reaches you it will definitely be corrected!

We are not interested in cost. We are interested in our reputation, and we believe that with our sincerity we will gain your trust and respect. We are very interested because you are our treasure! When creating a mass production of clothing the internationally accepted standard for errors is at least 5%. We have managed to reduce the errors to 2-3% and we do what is possible to zero it, although we know that this is 100% impossible and our unfulfilled WANT .. So a mistake may be can reach to you. Do NOT misunderstand from this. Let us know immediately! We are with you. Not against you. We are passionate about fashion and you and we believe that our creativity and mutual trust are very powerful tools to help us make our dreams come true. We believe that this complements our values and makes us different.


Collaborations - New Designers

We’re young, fun and crazy! We are a global brand that does Not sleep! Selectively, we look for and select New quality collaborations with Brand from all over the world that have - in our judgment - something beautiful and different to say in their space from the rest. At the same time we give the opportunity to Young designers to collaborate with us by offering them the chance to make their collections famous in the global market via this webstore and our company wholesale chanells .
They should have the same values, the same passion, the same madness for fashion and the innovative as we do .


Our Target

Our target is to promote the femininity of the young woman and the masculinity of the young man who want to always be in fashion without losing their comfort and the comfort of their personality while maintaining the quality of their clothes.


Our Mission

To develop a relationship of absolute trust between us. To inspire not only you but also others - new and old businesses. We are not and we never want to become another company whose only target and purpose is the profit.



Seven years of quality in the international wholesale business - Two years now directly near you. Thanks for your preference! We only have satisfied customers who have not only bought once from MA-ZI, but trust us in every need and desire of their clothing. Come Together (ΜΑΖΙ) on this journey of Style and Quality!

Yours sincerely,
Nasia Pan
PR manager
Size Guide



1: Bust 

Measure under the arms at the fullest point around the bust horizontally.

2: Bra

Measure under the bust area.

3: Waist

Measure around the natural waistline.

4: Hips

With the feet together measure the fullest part.

5: Inside Leg

In are feet take the measurement from the inside leg and measure down the inside leg to the floor.